Why some people have it every day, and some three or four a days?

Why sometimes is hard and sometime is soft stool, sometimes even watery?

Why there difference shape lumps, semi-chain, banana-shaped, pulpy stool?


All these different symptoms and signs are messages sent by our intestine to inform us there is imbalance of good and bad bacteria in our intestine. Our feces are like a mirror that can reflect our intestinal condition. If the feces passed out are like the banana-shape not too hard or soft and weight of about 150-250g no bad smell, this is an ideal feces, this also show that our intestinal is healthy and intestine environment is good. What kind of feces do you passed out?









In order to improve intestine environment and function, we do not just adjust our diet, the most important is to consume Soy Oligosaccharides let the good bacteria Bifidobacteria multiply to fight the bad bacteria, promote growth of cells, metabolism and bowel movement improve.