There are millions of bacteria living in human digestive system. A healthy digestive system will have a balance of good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract and colon. The good bacteria (probiotics) help in food digestion and nutrient absorption. They also ensure that harmful bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms in your digestive system are not overrun.

Probiotics in our body will decreased due to some factors such as increasing age, selective eating disorder (picky eater), eating out, lack of sleep, work pressure, stress, disease and drugs, and so on. Therefore, they need an optimal intestinal environment and food in order to thrive.

Probiotics are live microorganisms beneficial to humans. Supplemented with Probiotics can improve intestinal beneficial bacteria but effect is not lasting and obvious. This is because probiotics can easily killed by digestive juice, cannot be survive long in the intestines.

Soy oligosaccharide (Prebiotics) is not live bacteria but is the food for live bacteria (probiotics). The importance of Soy Oligosaccharides is to multiply and feed the good bacteria (probiotics). Soy oligosaccharides cannot be digested and destroyed, it will be fermented in the large intestine and provide food to feed intestinal probiotics as well as control the growth of harmful bacteria. It can effectively multiply probiotic up to 40 times, to achieve the maintenance of the healthy intestinal. If the intestine is in good condition, our body can produce good quality blood and cells will be dynamic, thus this is the key to maintain good health.

Studies have shown that Soy Oligosaccharides (Prebiotics):

  • Improve the immune system
  • Relieve constipation & diarrhea problems
  • Balanced digestive and intestinal pH value
  • Help in inflammatory bowel disease
  • Prevention of early colon cancer
  • Improve heart function

Oral Probiotics

  • Easily destroyed by gastric acid and bile digestion
  • Improve intestinal flora
  • Do not multiply intestinal live bacteria
  • Provide only 1-5 types of live bacteria
  • Consider as foreign bacteria, may induce intestinal immune response, and excreted out from the body
  • Foreign bacteria is relatively low survival rate (1 day) , probiotics that taking into the body unable to function effectively and the effect is not significant
  • Easily affected or damaged by the external factors such as light, heat, added sugar, drugs

Soy oligosaccharides (Prebiotics)

  • Not easily destroyed by gastric acid and bile digestion
  • Providing food for the proliferation of intestinal live bacteria
  • Multiplication of intestinal live bacteria quantities up to 40 times
  • Can multiply hundreds types of intestinal live bacteria group
  • Multiply intestinal bacteria that was originally settled in the digestive system, will not end with feces
  • The survival rate of the live bacteria originally settled in digestive system is relatively high (7-14 days), can be perform well and the effect is significant
  • Not easily affected or damaged by the external factors