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十 二 生 肖 折 纸 系 列

///十 二 生 肖 折 纸 系 列
  • Rat


    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE RAT Rats are gentle, optimistic and cheerful, making them popular and adorable. They have very strong instincts and extraordinary ideas. This kind of creativeness makes them excellent inventers. Rats also have strong confidence and do well in business.

  • Ox


    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE OX Oxen are diligent and patient. Oxen are upright, simple and honest types of people that dislikes superficiality thus easily earns the trusts of other people. Oxen’s practical and indomitable character allows them to be entrusted with heavy responsibilities.

  • Tiger


    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TIGER Tigers are righteous, ambitions and determined. They have strong leadership qualities and often heavily engross at work. As it possesses the ferocity of the tiger, they appear to be unfeeling. But in reality, they are softhearted and compassionate inside.

  • Rabbit


    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE RABBIT Rabbits are gentle, generous and sociable. Therefore, they are often admired and trusted. On the other hand, they believe and trust people easily. In the business field, their ability to maintain good relationships with others allows them to perform well. Rabbits are often blessed with benefactors appearing to assist them.

  • Dragon


    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DRAGON Dragons are positive, enthusiastic and vigorous. They are also warm, friendly, honest, brave and reliable. They are kind towards others but very strict in self-discipline. Talented and intelligent, Dragons succeed in whatever undertakings they choose.

  • Snake

    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SNAKE Snakes think and plans thoroughly. This gives them strong confidence and independent in whatever task they carry out. Once a goal is made, they charge and work hard to achieve the target. Vibrant, yet steady, snakes grab everyone’s attention in a crowd.
  • Horse

    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE HORSE Horses are sincere, frank, optimistic and cheerful. They have strong judgment, responsive and are quick-witted. Their exceptional qualities and perseverance characteristics enable them to overcome obstacles and hardship in any environment, thus having a smooth life.
  • Goat

    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GOAT Goats are peace loving, gentle, careful and firm. These make them a good partner in marriage or business. They are not only obedient, kind, sympathetic and polite, but are artistic as well. They have very excellent and unique tastes.
  • Monkey

    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MONKEY Monkeys are generous, intelligent and humorous. Monkeys are a born leaders that have drive, lots of enthusiasm and are zealous in their pursuits, Extremely gifted, the Monkey always outshines others in various fields
  • Rooster

    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ROOSTER Roosters are fine performers. They are gentle, modest, faithful and trustworthy. Thorough thinkers, Roosters excel in their work and are workaholics. They seek all the good things in life and have excellent tastes.
  • Dog

    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DOG Dogs are faithful, responsible, fair and reasonable. They are excellent friends with very strong self-esteems. They will go all out to pursue whatever that they believe is right. Generally, they perform well in technical fields.
  • Pig

    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PIG Pigs are optimistic, cheerful and humorous but are very strict in self-discipline. They are capable, smart and able to make the correct decision. They have strong perseverance and seek to accomplish the task regardless of the surrounding influences. Pigs are blessed with luck financially.