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蛇 系 列

///蛇 系 列
  • Circle of Wealth


    The golden snake signifies ‘yin’ and is the image of movement, while the golden tortoise signifies ‘yang’ and has the image of stability. In this creation of the snake and tortoise, it shows the unique balance of the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’. According to I-Ching, the balance of both ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ would mean a renewal for all things, a new spring arriving that would lead to good harvest and abundance of wealth. The image of movement and stability also signify the balancing of the current and fixed assets such that it creates a smooth flow of wealth which is auspicious for all businesses. Thus, this creation means an auspicious wish for an everlasting flow of wealth.

  • Patience


    This creation of the snake takes the form of the Chinese character ‘ren’ in Chinese means self-control or self- restraint. In exercising this self- control, one would be able to focus on the greater unity and harmony of others, hence, exercising self-control would mean the promotion of peace which leads to wealth. Thus, you would see a gold-ingot at the heart of the snake sculpture to signify the snake’s patience and self-control while waiting for opportunity. This would lead to fruitful success and wealth in abundance.