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  • In the West, the Mouse is the epitome of intelligence, while in the East, mouse is a symbol of wealth because mice are known to store food, which signifies the ability to store wealth. The nimble mouse is smart and thus, becomes the symbol of wisdom and wealth.

  • The bull has much strength and perseverance. It is able to withstand hardship and hard work. A charging bull is able to focus its energy and release it to make an impact. This is a sign of high spirits and boldness.

  • Witty Rabbit


    The rabbit is small and gentle, yet it is sharp and intelligent. It can probably out wit even human.

  • The rooster crows and awakes the earth, a new day is dawn. This smart and proud rooster crows with loud and resounding wake-up call and struts about proudly displaying its colourful fine feathers. Its robust energy is obvious and motivating.

  • Majestic Dragon


    Chinese traditionally uses Dragon as their symbol. They even called themselves the descendants of the dragon. The mystical dragon soars to the sky and watch over all the earth is symbolic to being able to have career, wealth and power in one’s hand. This signifies someone who is above the rest.

  • The snake is flexible and quick. It know when to advance and when to retreat, and is undaunted by setbacks. It’s ability to move quickly and stealthily and strike at the right moment and right spot to render it a victor.

  • Sturdy Steed


    The horse is a fast animal. With good force on destination and sure footing, it gallops to its goal with speed of lighting. Since days of old, horse has received many praise from man as being strong and upright.

  • The antelope is by far one of the most graceful animal leaping in the vast grassland. Swift and agile, yet it possesses gentleman qualities. It signifies success and it enjoys the pleasantries in life.

  • Agile Monkey


    The monkey is known for its agility. The ability to get out of tangled mass of tree branches signifies its ability to get out of difficulties with ease and intelligence.

  • Faithful Dog


    The saying that dog brings wealth holds true as the dog is not only man’s best friend, it also brings wealth to mankind. The keen sense of smell and hearing signifies the sharp and keen business acumen in the field of trade and commerce. The dog is faithful and sensitive to men’s need and hence it is our best friend.

  • Its round polished body, its laughing face will bring forth a smile from anyone. It brings happiness and joy to all. May your days be filled with joy and happiness.