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Traditional Horoscope Collection

///Traditional Horoscope Collection
  • Rat

    This rat is designed to show responsiveness. It has a foot forward, ears pointing up, eyes watching all directions, showing that it is alert and ready to do something.
  • Ox

    The bull is sincere, steadfast, hardworking and practical. These characteristics are displayed in this design.
  • Tiger

    The tiger is elongated and agile moving down the hill. This posture display it's drive and power to charge.
  • Rabbit

    Rabbits are tame, adorable in nature whether it is moving or resting. When it goes on alert, the ears raises up, to check all directions. This design has such features to show high alertness and sensitiveness.
  • Dragon

    Chinese are often said to be the descendents of dragons. This product shows a flying dragon that is not constricted and travels high in the sky.
  • Snake

    The snake is most potential when it is about to strike. First it curls its body and points its head towards the target. It strikes with full power with a mighty strike.
  • Horse

    Horses are very good at sprinting. This product displays the natural horse galloping without any constrains.
  • Goat

    Mountain goats are very popular in China. It represents sincerity, tame and is well liked by many people.
  • Rooster

    Rooster's beauty is shown by its feathers. Therefore, this product is designed with this concept of showing the rooster's feathers to portray its elegance. The rooster has its chest out, head held up high, looking for prey, to show its readiness and strength.
  • Monkey

    Monkey: The golden monkey is the most precious and representative in China. In a group of monkeys, only the monkey king is allowed to raise its tail to show its power.