Welcome To OMG Singapore

Original and Meaningful Gifts, OMG (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established on 1993. Our company was originally design distinctive and meaningful 24K gold plated figurines, which are ideal for any occasion or serve as decorations for your home/office. Now, our company is focus mainly in helping people to get back their healthy and beautiful life.

Story derived from 10 years ago, our company director Mrs Lin who suffered from bowel disorder for many years was introduced to take SinSun Soy Oligosaccharide. Since that, her total wellness had been greatly improved and gained back her healthy and happy life.

At that time, colorectal cancer is the number one of top ten diseases in Singapore and one of the friends was dead due to this cancer too. Therefore, our company decided to bring in this latest health product in 21st century due to its superior, dedicated and purely natural characteristics with its extraordinary effects to benefit more peoples.