Our human intestine whole entire life has to handle around 65 tons of food which is equivalent to 12 elephant’s weight. If we do not take good care of our intestine, they will start to protest and even stop functioning and our organ in the body will be in lack of food. In the long run lack of food will lead to a drop in metabolism and decrease the overall quality of our body, which will seriously endanger your health condition.

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1. Intestine is our largest nutrition processing centers

According to statistics, 90% of nutrients required by human are absorb from our intestine. About 130 types of vitamins are combined in our body by our good bacteria and absorbed through our intestine daily.

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2. Intestine is our body’s largest immune system

At least 70% of our human body’s immune cells are located in our intestine and they also produce more than 70% of immunoglobulin.

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3. Healthy Intestine function is maintained by our Bifidobacterium

According to the research, elderly people over the age of 70 have more bifidobacterium inside the intestine than harmful bacteria, so healthy intestinal environment determines our overall health.

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4. Intestine is our body’s largest detoxification organ

More than 90% of the toxin in our body exit through our intestine. Intestinal toxin will cause chronic inflammation in the body and this may further lead to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and various cancers.

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5. Intestine is our human second brain

Our intestinal nervous is sensitive and complicated same as our central nervous system, more than one hundred million of neurons distributions are found here. Our Intestine produce different hormones, all these will affect organs function, including the brain.

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6. Emotion and stress are related closely with our intestinal.

Our emotion is affected by serotonin which is not produced by our brain, but by our intestine. In fact, anti-depression medication is prescribed go to our intestine first not the brain.